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The Message of Salvation is Consistent throughout the Bible | Letter of the Day

Jan 20 Damian Chambers

I think Dr. Abraham's commentary on the Bible's inerrant nature is well-intended and does address some legitimate issues, such as the misuse of Scripture. However, I think his conclusions are misapplied. What I get from what Dr. Abrahams is saying, is that since the Bible contains literary "errors" and "discrepancies", then its teachings cannot be trusted.

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The Faithful Criticizers

Dec 19 Damian Chambers

Some of the most diligent followers of Christ were the Pharisees. They saw and heard everything that Jesus said and did.

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How to avoid distraction in our walk with God

Nov 19 Damian Chambers

If success in the Christian life depends on our continuous connection with (abiding in) Christ; then our greatest threat is distraction. Distraction leads to disconnection.

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