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What the Empty Tomb Means to Me

Apr 20 Damian Chambers

This was a tough weekend for the disciples. It’s as if it has been one string of bad events after another. First, the arrest of Jesus; next He doesn’t resist; He is treated like a criminal; condemned to death; then crucified on a cross among some of the worst in society.

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What is a Miracle?

Mar 20 Damian Chambers

What we refer to as natural are the daily occurrences of life—the operations of the sun, the moon, stars, the growing of plants, the flowing of the river, the rotation of the earth on its axis, the conception, development and birth of a baby, the functions of the body and all other ‘natural’ occurrences of life.

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Why is Praying so Difficult at times?

Jan 20 Damian Chambers

If God loves me, why is praying so difficult? Why does it appear that God doesn’t hear my prayer sometimes? These are genuine questions that we struggle. Jesus gave two parables that could help answer these questions—1) parable of the importunate widow (Luke 18:1-8); and 2) the parable of the knock at midnight (Luke 11:5-13).

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