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On Becoming a Mature Christian

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Dr. Balvin B. Braham, Administrative Field Secretary, Assistant to the President; Evangelism and Leadership Development, Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists

On Becoming a Mature Christian - “How to experience consistent victory in the Christian Life”, advances timeless gems of truth that are relevant for every human being, not just committed Christians. However, to those who have already intentionally embarked upon the journey to the kingdom, it provides motivation, inspiration, and challenge.  

The real-life illustrations from farming to traveling and others that are employed embed the timeless scriptural principles in readers’ minds that make them not soon forgotten. This book does not only present ideas, concepts and principles, it is like a “how to guide”. It tells Kingdom aspirants what to do in order to mature in Christ. The wisely adopted biblical mantras and practical life stories are value added that enhances its applicability and relevance.

Not only do I endorse the content of this book, but I also congratulate Pastor Damion Chambers for the empowered and spiritually fertile mind that produces it. Christian growth and development at this stage of the journey have just been boosted - read, practice and share it!


Denton Rhone, PhDAssc. Professor of Christian Leadership and Fmr. Dean of the School of Religion & Theology

Pastor Damian Chambers addresses an issue critical to the eternal salvation and daily usefulness of the Christian believer regardless of how long they have held membership in their denominations. Many get baptized into the church but do not know what to do next!

How do I grow up into Christ?

The issue of Christian maturity is an overlooked topic in the discipline of Christian discipleship – what does it mean to be a mature Christian and how is this achieved?

Chambers' work is an answer to the prayers of many sincere, authentic Christians who desire nothing else in this passing life but to live for the glory of Jesus and learn how to grow from day to day as His children in preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus.


Visit:https://www.amazon.com/dp/1723793523/ to purchase your copy