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What does God want with us?

What does God want with us? He wants us to choose Him. God knows that love cannot exist without freedom of choice. Therefore, He created us with this precious gift—the ability to choose—so that we can enter into a covenant relationship with Him.

How to Survive Prosperity

The danger they faced is that when they have come into this land, they might forget the real source of their provision and sustenance--God--and begin to depend on their prosperity.

Keep your eyes on the Horizon

This experience taught me a very important lesson about maintaining our spiritual connection with Jesus. For some Christians, the problem is not knowing the "right" things to do; the problem is distraction. We know that in order for us to grow spiritually, we need to read our Bible, pray, go to church, obey the Holy Spirit and exercise faith. However, sometimes we get distracted by so many seemingly important things that we forget to do the things that are most important (Luke 10:38-42).

A Knock at Midnight

Jesus knew, that having the mechanics of prayer correct does not guarantee that our prayers will always be answered in the way and at the time we make requests. In other words, Jesus understood the need for perseverance in prayer; this He wanted to teach His disciples.

How much does it cost to be a Christian?

In today’s high-speed, highly competitive economy, producers (manufacturers) are looking for the most cost-effective ways to produce goods while maintaining its quality. While on the other hand consumers are seeking for goods that are affordable, but gives value for the money.

God is interested in finding a good Wife/Husband for us

It is also to be noted that God, by His providence, considered it a sacred matter to find a wife for Isaac. Equal to seeing that Isaac inherited the promises, God saw it fit to assist in finding a good wife for Isaac. For, the successful transferal of the covenant was no only dependent on children obeying their parents, but on the patriarch finding a good wife; a wife of faith.

God's Mercy toward the Sinner

However, the stories of wicked Kings Manaseh, Ahab and wayward Mary Magdalene serves an equally important purpose. These stories are to give us hope when Satan tempts us to believe that we are too sinful to call upon the name of the Lord.

God's Special Day

God could have allowed creation to end on the sixth day. Nothing else was left to create; He had finished His work. However, as an artist places his signature on a finished work and a manufacturer places his label on a finished product God places His sign/mark on creation--the Sabbath.

Thou shalt not Kill

God’s purpose in giving the Ten Commandments is to preserve unity, love and happiness among His people. These are the principles by which heaven is governed, and since Israel was entering into a covenant with God as His people, they needed to live by these same principles (Exodus 19:4-8). The principle is love—1) love to God; love to neighbor.

Growing in Christ

So it is with the Christian experience. There are some person's whose Christian experience are like us who farmed for fun—they go through the rudiments of getting baptized, going to Church, reading the Bible and praying, but there is little or nothing to show for their Christianity other than the activities they participate in. They do not have a definite aim in mind for their Christian life, except maybe to make sure that they go to Church every week.

How Much is Christ worth to You?

In retrospect, persons have often question the authenticity of Judas’ call to be among the 12 because he eventually betrayed Jesus, but the fact is he was among them. He was ordained; he was commissioned to cast out demons and Jesus, by His word affirmed that He chose Judas to be among the 12.