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The Faith of the Unknown Woman

She has no name; this was not her story. The story was about Jairus and his daughter. Her status did not allow her to get the attention of the crowd. She could not climb a tree like Zacchaeus or scream like the two blind men, but she needed Jesus. It was not her time, but time was not on her side.

So, she pressed through the crowd unnoticed; unimportant but on an important mission. She needed healing now. Her issue was not on the list of things to do for a busy Jesus. But, like her story, her faith pierces through the crowd and touched the hem of His garment. Totally unnoticed.

If Jesus had not stopped her, she would have disappeared in the crowd again and no one in the crowd would have known what took place. But Jesus knew.

Jesus knew that this woman exercised the faith of an overcomer. He knew that this was no ordinary touch. It was the touch of faith—a faith that is worth making it on the list of the faithful in Hebrews 11. It was a faith like Jacob’s when he said, “I will not let thee go until thou bless me.”

So, He said to her, “Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole” (Matthew 9:22). Her faith brought her in the presence of Jesus; her faith got His attention; her faith got her on top of the list. This type of faith will not go unnoticed.

If you need healing today, it is not your status in life, but your faith that will get you the attention you need. There is always space in Jesus’ timetable for those who believe and exercise the faith of an overcomer.

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