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Peace on Earth?

Dec 21 Damian Chambers

I recently received a call to fulfil a preaching appointment. The theme that I was given to address was, “Peace on earth”. As I thought about the theme, I questioned the idea of peace on earth. Starting with my country Jamaica, I thought about the avalanche of crime and violence that has taken over the landscape in Jamaica. As a preacher of the gospel, a Christian, I listen to the news numb; wondering what to do?

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The Faith of the Unknown Woman

Mar 21 Damian Chambers

She has no name; this was not her story. The story was about Jairus and his daughter. Her status did not allow her to get the attention of the crowd. She could not climb a tree like Zacchaeus or scream like the two blind men, but she needed Jesus. It was not her time, but time was not on her side.

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Creating User-Friendly, Cost-Effective, Findable and Maintainable Church Websites

Dec 20 Damian Chambers

What is your address? No; not your postal address, your web address. People no longer search for you by your postal address, they search using Google or other search engines, hoping to find your web address. This applies to your church also. When people ‘Google’ your church name, the top three things they will find about your church are your social media accounts, GPS location, and/or your web address.

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How to get the Most out of Personal Bible Study

Nov 20 Damian Chambers

The Bible is essential to spiritual growth. Yet, trying to understand it or developing the discipline for consistent study can be a daunting task. How can I understand the Bible when I read? What strategies do I need to implement to understand the Bible?

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How can we understand the Book of Revelation in the Bible?

Sep 20 Damian Chambers

Understanding the book of Revelation can be done by following the principles of hermeneutics (science interpretation) or Bible study that we apply to the other books of the Bible. The basic rule of hermeneutics is to understand what the author meant to his original audience and how the audience understood the book for their time. Then we apply its meaning to our time. Most people do not understand the book, because they overlook these basic principles of hermeneutics while they seek for some “code” to unlock the symbols. This approach will prove faulty.

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10 Steps to Learning New Technology

Jul 20 Damian Chambers

COVID-19 has plunged the entire world into the digital age. While the Internet and Computer technologies had been in wide-scale use since the 90s, most persons still had a choice whether to immerse themselves in the technology revolution. However, the stay at home orders imposed by COVID-19 pandemic has forced most of us into the use of the Internet and Computer technologies.

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