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How can we understand the Book of Revelation in the Bible?

Sep 20 Damian Chambers

Understanding the book of Revelation can be done by following the principles of hermeneutics (science interpretation) or Bible study that we apply to the other books of the Bible. The basic rule of hermeneutics is to understand what the author meant to his original audience and how the audience understood the book for their time. Then we apply its meaning to our time. Most people do not understand the book, because they overlook these basic principles of hermeneutics while they seek for some “code” to unlock the symbols. This approach will prove faulty.

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The Message of Salvation is Consistent throughout the Bible | Letter of the Day

Jan 20 Damian Chambers

I think Dr. Abraham's commentary on the Bible's inerrant nature is well-intended and does address some legitimate issues, such as the misuse of Scripture. However, I think his conclusions are misapplied. What I get from what Dr. Abrahams is saying, is that since the Bible contains literary "errors" and "discrepancies", then its teachings cannot be trusted.

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7 Steps to Understanding the Bible Better

Oct 18 Damian Chambers

Have you ever attempted to read the Bible and found it difficult to understand? Or do you have hard time concentrating when reading the Bible?

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