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What is in your House?

Jan 19 Damian Chambers

When people come to your house (as a Christian), what do they see? What do you show them? Do they only see the expensive furniture? Or your pantry full of food? Or your expensive wardrobe?

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Does it matter where the New year finds you?

Dec 18 Roxanne Mckoy-Chambers

We all face anxiety when we start something new to know whether it will make it to the end. The moment a child is conceived; a marriage bond is formed; we start a degree; or a new diet; our minds race with thoughts of what the end will be like?

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Joseph to His Brothers--"Egypt is not your Home"

Dec 18 Damian Chambers

Despite his success in Egypt, Joseph was still a slave. That’s how he went to Egypt, and that’s the state he died in—a slave to Pharaoh. One indication of this was that he had to ask permission to go and bury his father (Genesis 49:4-5).

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