Fuel for your Devotional Life

Are you kindling your own Spiritual Fire?

In the first apartment of the sanctuary, the Priests kept the lamps burning, the bread on the table and burn incense on the altar.

But in the second apartment or the Most Holy Place, it is the Lord who maintains His shekinah glory there. The glory of God is kept by no man, but the Lord.

Point: For spiritual life to be kept alive, we do some things and the Lord does His part.

We cannot do the Lord’s part; only He can. We can study the Scriptures, pray and believe, but it is the Lord who chooses to dwell with us. He has a sovereign right over how much of His glory is kept with us.

The most we can do is do our part diligently.

For example, Moses and Israel built the sanctuary according to the Lord’s direction, then God came down in His glory to fill the sanctuary with His presence. They could not “bring down” the Lord’s glory.

When Nabad and Abihu attempted to do God’s part by kindling their own fire on the altar, God destroyed them. This tells me that the fire of God in us must be a genuine response to faith and obedience, it must not be of our own kindling.

Let’s do our part and trust God to do His, for He is faithful.

Image courtesy: Pixabay.com

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