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Lesson 1 - God Speaks

"I hear of God speaking to men and women in the past, but, does He still speak today?" "How can I hear His voice?"

These questions echo a desire that many persons have today, to hear from God; to know what His will is for their lives. If they could only hear His voice and know what He has to say, it would bring them joy and peace.

In this Bible Study Lesson, we will look at the matter of how God speaks to us and how we can hear His voice today.

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Lesson 2— “Signs of the End”

Recently there has been a rise in predictions about and interest in the subject of the end of the world. Based on what is happening in the world, in terms of the economy, climate change, moral conditions and national conflicts, it should be no surprise that people have a focused interest in the matter of the end of the world.

In this Lesson, we will be taking a look at the Bible’s answer to questions about the end of the world. Some of the questions that we will be seeking to answer are, "when will this world end?" "Is the end of the world very close?"

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Lesson 3 - "The Blessed Hope"

It has been said that we can live a “few days without water, a few minutes without air, but only a few seconds without hope.” This statement reveals how important hope is to our existence—it is hope that keeps us alive. The word ‘Hope’ means “to desire or anticipate with expectation of fulfillment”1. Hope allows us to endure present difficult circumstances with the expectation that these circumstances will change for the better some time in the future.

Therefore ‘Hope’ can be referred to as the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ or ‘the silver lining in the dark cloud’. However, experience in this life teaches us that it is not everything we hope for will be ful-filled. In order for us to live fulfilled lives, our hope must be based on things that are true and enduring.

In this lesson, we will take a look at what the Bible teaches about the “blessed hope”—the hope that keeps Christians alive in the midst of a world full of disappointments.

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Lesson 4 - Why So Much Suffering?

With so much evil, unfairness and corruption in the world, the question is often asked, “where does all of this evil come from?” If God is so good and powerful, why doesn't He do something about the evil that exists? Why do the innocent suffer, while the wicked continue to prosper?

In this Bible study lesson, we will seek to give Biblical answers to these questions and more?

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Lesson 5 - Jesus Our Saviour

The question is often asked, “What is God doing about the problem of sin and suffering in the world?” In this study guide we will be looking at what God has done in response to sin and how it affects every human being on planet earth.

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Lesson 6 - What Must I do to be Saved?

This is the most important question that a person can ask or should ask—‘What must I do to be saved?’. The answer to this question determines one's eternal destiny. It is a question that has been asked over and over again, both in the Bible and by many today.

In this Lesson we will be seeking to give Biblical answers to this important question, as we study the true condition of the sinner and what has been done and must be done for us to have eternal life.

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Lesson 7 - The Whole Duty of Man

In the previous lesson, we learnt that we are “saved by grace through faith”; of ourselves, we can do nothing to be saved. But , the question is, when we accept Christ and surrender our lives to Him, ‘what type of life are we expected to live?’ What does God re-quire of us? Does He have a standard by which He will judge us? Are we all free to choose the standard by which we live as Christians?

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Lesson 8 - A Sign of True Worship

According to the book of Revelation one of the major issues that will be involved in the final conflict between good and evil, is the matter of worship. At the center of this issue will be the question of, ‘who deserves our worship.’

In this lesson, we answer the question of who we ought to worship and what is the ‘sign’ of true worship.

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Lesson 9 - Bible or Tradition

In the previous lesson we discovered that the Sabbath is not only a Sign of True Worship, but a sign of God's authority over heaven and earth. The Bible calls us to worship “Him who made heaven and earth”, for He alone deserves our worship and allegiance. At creation, God established the Sabbath as a memorial of creation and a sign of His authority over all things. He has commanded us to keep the Sabbath holy as a sign of our allegiance and loyalty to Him.

The Sabbath (according to the Bible) is the seventh day of the week (Saturday). However, most Christians today consider Sunday to be Sabbath. In this lesson, we will seek to answer questions, such as ‘Why is it that most of Christendom keeps Sunday and not Saturday (the Seventh-day of the week) as the Sabbath?’ And ‘does it make any difference which day we keep?’

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Lesson 10 - The Judgment is Set

The Bible clearly teaches that this sinful world will not continue for-ever. God will one day put an end to the suffering, sickness, pain and death that exists in our world. However, the Bible also teaches that before God destroys the world, there will be a time of judgment to decide who is worthy of eternal life and who is not.

In this lesson, we will study what the Bible teaches about the judgment and how it affects us as individuals.

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Lesson 11 - How to get Pass your Past

Most, if not all of us have done things in the past that we are not proud of and would like to be buried forever. For some persons, getting pass their past is a big problem. They are so troubled by the past, that they are unable to live a guilt-free; worry-free life in the present. They are in constant fear of what the consequence of their wrong-doings might be.

In this Bible study lesson, we will seek for answers in the Bible concerning how we can get pass our past and start to live a life of freedom from guilt and fear by looking at the experience of David and how he got pass his past.

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Lesson 12 - Until Death do us Part

“Until death do us part.”

These are words that are often repeated at weddings when the Bride and Groom are taking their vows. Some people see this part of the vow, “till death do us part” as difficult to keep and sometimes seem like placing one’s life in bondage. However, on the other hand, ‘till death do us part’, can be a sad reminder that death is man’s greatest enemy. For not even the bliss of a wonderful marriage can prevent a man or woman from facing death. As the Word of God declares, it is “appointed unto men once to die” (Hebrews 9:27).

During this study, we will look at man’s only hope of conquering death, while we will also see from the word of God man’s condition in death.

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Lesson 13 - God Will Provide

It is quite obvious, that most countries in the world today are going through serious economic challenges. These economic challenges will affect everyone, including God’s people. In this lesson, we will take a look at the Biblical principles of financial management that can help us to survive these tough times.

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Lesson 14 - The Christian and the World

While Christians await the second coming of Jesus, they still live and work in a world that is culturally diverse and complicated. Yet, even in this culturally diverse world, Christians still need to eat, dress, entertain themselves and live a normal life while maintaining their Christian standards. Therefore, the question is often asked, ‘how do you (as a Christian) practice your Christianity in the midst of such a complicated world?’ Among these varied standards and customs that exist in the world today, the question is, “how do Christians know what to follow and what to discard?”

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